The Preparation

In acting, as in life, preparation is everything. Prepare properly, and you are that much closer to nailing your audition. But how to prepare properly? In this session, we tackle how to construct your own preparation technique, to give you a checklist for how to properly prepare for an audition, from the physical to the psychological right on through to the practical. You’ll emerge from this session with the foundation of a preparation routine for all of your auditions.

  • The routine.
    • You get up in the morning, what do you do? How is your day constructed around your audition(s)?
      • The discipline of a pro athlete.
    • The physical warm-up.
    • The vocal warm-up.
      • Linklater’s “Freeing the Natural Voice.”
    • The psychological warm-up.

The Moment of Truth

For this session, the only thing you’ll have to prepare is… yourself. We will work on the actual interview/meeting part of your audition, and you will come to understand all the do’s and don’ts of the audition process that you’ve always wondered about and until now have remained a murky mystery. They shall be unmasked!

  • Once you arrive at the audition, what should you do before you go into the room?
  • What is proper behavior/etiquette during the audition?
  • How do you enter the room? What do you do after you enter?
    • Do you shake hands? Hug? Do nothing? How long do you talk to them? How much personal information do you share?
  • Manipulating the physical space: how to control the room without offending.
  • What happens when you screw up? Need to start again? How do you ask for another take?
  • What do you do if somebody important leaves the room? Or if they are talking or not paying attention?

The Approach

The Approach: Many actors start off on the wrong foot, simply because of their [...]

The Final Audition

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