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Audition Boot Camp

Most actors love to act, but hate to audition. By the end of this course, not only will you learn how to master your auditions, you’ll actually begin to love auditioning.

The Approach

The Approach: Many actors start off on the wrong foot, simply because of their relationship to auditioning – the way they conceive of the audition: it’s a nerve-wracking test you must pass. This first [...]

“Gary is one of those rare people that, when you meet him, you feel totally at ease, comfortable in yourself and ready to try anything! He has the ability to get you excited about a role, even if you think there’s nothing there. A man of incredible insight, he has a unique way of seeing characters and breaking them down for you. I wouldn’t have gotten my last film if not for Gary. Even after they thought I wasn’t right for it, couldn’t do it… but Gary pushed me to try again and again until we finally got it. I would have given up, but Gary persevered. I owe him a lot!”

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Audition Boot Camp Los Angeles

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Audition Boot Camp New York

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