From acting to being and beyond

Filling in the missing link to getting the job.

  • You’ve done all the prep work – now throw it away.
  • You will re-audition with the original scene.
  • You will be evaluated, looking at both audition pieces.
  • The final Q & A: any question you’ve ever wanted to ask, answered.

Life is hard, audition is hard

If you truly love to audition, you can stop reading. (I’m sure I’ve lost no one.) Nobody enjoys auditioning. Woody Allen once famously said that if he had to audition he never would have been cast. But, unfortunately, not many of us write, direct and cast ourselves in our own films. So, you have to learn not only to enjoy auditioning, but to thrive in those few moments that you have an opportunity to impress the powers that be. What follows are a few tips on how to do that.

The Approach

The Approach: Many actors start off on the wrong foot, simply because of their [...]

The Final Audition

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