Success Stories

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Jared Harris

“Gary’s skills as a writer and an actor make him a great coach. As a writer, he understands what the scene is about, and as a wonderful actor himself he understands what to play and when to play it.”

Jared Harris. Mad Men, Lincoln, Sherlock Holmes 2

“Gary Marks is smart, generous, and an extremely perceptive teacher and friend. He is both wonderfully inventive and sensitive to the unique gifts of others. He has always been passionate about whatever work he tackles– be it acting, writing, producing, directing, or coaching. He knows himself, so–consequently, and by example– he can help others to find their own truths.”

Michael Stuhlbarg. Lincoln, Boardwalk Empire, A Serious Man. 

“Gary is one of those rare people that, when you meet him, you feel totally at ease, comfortable in yourself and ready to try anything! He has the ability to get you excited about a role, even if you think there’s nothing there. A man of incredible insight, he has a unique way of seeing characters and breaking them down for you. I wouldn’t have gotten my last film if not for Gary. Even after they thought I wasn’t right for it, couldn’t do it… but Gary pushed me to try again and again until we finally got it. I would have given up, but Gary persevered. I owe him a lot!”

Jack Huston. Boardwalk Empire, Not Fade Away, Twilight.

“Gary is a godsend. So helpful and insightful – gives me great notes, puts me on tape and sends it to wherever it’s meant to go. Couldn’t be a more comprehensive service. I can’t imagine doing an audition without him.”

Sonya Walger. Common Law, Admission, In Treatment, Flash Forward.

“It’s pretty simple. I work with Gary, and I book jobs.”

Tara Summers. Rake, Ringer, Sons of Anarchy, Damages, Boston Legal.