The Act of Adjustments

So, you have a great take on the character, and you’re an amazing actor. But, your take is different than the director’s take. And, while he/she likes you, the director wants to see if you can take direction. You get a bunch of notes, and they may not come at you in terms that you can translate into an actor’s lexicon. How do you deal? How do you become able to take any note, at any time. For this class you will be given material the night before class; but, during class, you will audition and then be given a series of adjustments.

  • You nailed the audition – and they want something different.
  • How to HEAR adjustments.
  • How to adjust without losing what you’ve worked so hard on.
  • What if their adjustments are stupid?
  • How to translate language spoken by acting-illiterates.
  • The questions: what to ask, what not to ask.
  • Navigating between being the wind-up toy and the actor with the original take.

Going Beyond the Material

For this class, you will be given material from which you are to prepare a wholly original take – to strive purposely for a completely original reading of the material.

  • How do you harness the one advantage you have over everyone else who will read the material: YOU.
  • Applying the techniques we’ve learned in class to making original, unique, surprising and memorable choices.
  • Beyond the audition, what can you do to leave them with a lasting impression?

The Approach

The Approach: Many actors start off on the wrong foot, simply because of their [...]

The Final Audition

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